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Copy and use this gardening channel coupon code 4g8z2hfv31lg to receive a discount on your purchase of the book. When the straw inside the bales begins to decompose, the straw becomes conditioned and ready for planting, according to joels website. Would you like to try this method of vegetable gardening. Growing vegetables in straw bales, strawbale gardening. Do you have questions about setting up a straw bale garden. This has great advice on how to develop your strawbale garden, and how plant. Karsten argues that straw is an ideal container for growing vegetables.

Youll find a bumper crop of vegetable gardening books on the sh. A garden in a bale of the many benefits of straw bale gardening, one of the most popular is the backsaving easier access. As the straw begins to break down, it turns into a rich, compostable planter thats ideal for growing vegetables. Diy straw bale gardeningan easy way to grow plant no. Straw bale gardening instructions and how it works countryside. Today, we are going to talk about planning out your garden. If your soil is so poor that amending, or enhancing, it with compost, fertilizers, or leaf mold makes you exhausted just thinking about it, then using straw bales for planting may be the perfect solution. Joel karsten on the six bale greenhouse starting the spring farming season as much as 6 weeks early. Nov 25, 2019 its been a great experiment and ive thoroughly enjoyed the process. Heres the method that has made karsten the goto guru for straw bale gardening. We tried it this year for ourselves and our 81yearold mothermotherinlaw whos thrilled to have easier access to tending garden plants.

In these next photos you can see a straw bale garden that is newly planted, and the same garden weeks later as the veggies grow and thrive. Hes the guy who runs and is the author of the book. Buddies are willing to advise and mentor schools, communities or groups to set up a straw bale garden. Heres why you should be adding straw bales to your garden. A pioneer and an entrepreneur, karsten has been featured in the new york times, national television and radio, and dozens of other major media. Written by joel karsten, the originator of straw bale gardening, this exciting update contains detailed, starttofinish instructions for growing vegetables in straw anywhere, plus many new ideas and projects to help you enjoy your. As interest grew, he became one of the most indemand garden lecturers in the country. Mar 26, 2019 this new edition of straw bale gardens complete is the only book you need to get started with the revolutionary gardening method that has taken the world by storm. So, ive been reading up on no work gardening, and came across the ruth stout gardening. There are quite a lot that works well, but a few to avoid, and some to leave for when you are more experienced with straw. A great addition to your garden plans straw bale gardening might seem like a strange idea at first. We are following joel karstens book straw bale gardening.

Because straw bale gardening is raised, its easy to work with, so make sure you allow for handy access. In short, this book is well written, informative, detailed, and beautifully illustrated. In his book straw bale gardens, joel karsten explains that straw bales function as another type of container gardening, except the container is the outside crust of the bale itself. Creative tips for growing vegetables in bales at home, in community gardens, and around the world karsten, joel on. With so much to do when you build, im afraid we wont have time for a garden this year, and i just cant imagine life without a garden. In every climate, on every continent except antarctica, in places where it would be impossible to have a traditional soil garden, people are raving about straw bale gardening. Straw bale market free straw bale classified ad listing. But it also goes much deeper, with nearly 50 pages of allnew advice and photos on subjects such as growing in a tight urban setting, making your straw bale garden completely organic, and using new fertilizers and conditioning products. Straw bale gardens grow best with morning sun, and with bales places in singlefile. Straw bale gardening is very simple system to set up, and there are many benefits to growing this type of garden. Joel karstens book on this breakthrough method of gardening is well written, informative, and beautifully illustrated. Very few weeds grow in straw bale gardens, and because they are elevated, weeding is easier than in a conventional garden. Buy the straw bale gardens book 20 by joel karsten straw bale gardening expert author and speaker.

The main difference is that the container is the straw bale itself and is held together with two or three strings. This book is truly a straw bale garden sbg for dummies guide. Straw bale gardening is a great way to extend your growing season, create a garden in areas with lessthanideal soil, and make tasks like planting and weeding less laborintensive. Straw bale garden straw bales allow you to set up a garden anywhere, even on hardscapeadding valuable greenspace to your urban habitat. Straw bale gardens complete, updated edition joel karsten. Faced with the expense ok, and effort of building raised beds, i decided instead to go cheap and easy. Straw bale gardens teaches gardening in a way that isnt only new but is thoroughly innovative and revolutionary to home gardening.

Creative tips for growing vegetables in bales at home, in community gardens, and around the world. Straw bale gardening the ultimate 5chapter beginners guide. Straw bale gardening is also called bale gardening or mistakenly, hay bale gardening. Its economical, easier on your back, and is great for people with mobility issues. The book includes chapters about straw, the best straw to use, what kind of straw to use, how to obtain straw bales, and where to place the straw bale garden for the best results, with a minimum of six hours of sun per day.

That means i am going to try it, and fortuitously someone near me named kent rogers is considered a local strawbale expert. My garden is on a mountainside in central california. In forest glen, girl scout annie aguirre and other members of troop 20804 used straw bales to plant an organic vegetable garden in the back of a community church. In straw bale solutions, the next book in the straw bale gardening series, you will find over two dozen stories of straw bale gardens that inspire. The straw bale process is for the person who is tired of tilling, trying to improve soil condition, weeding, constant watering, etc. If your soil is so poor that amending, or enhancing, it with compost, fertilizers, or leaf mold makes you exhausted just thinking about it, then using straw bales for. This book is a complete guide to joels method, detailing the entire process of growing a straw bale garden. We covered how to condition a straw bale for gardening, and the plants seem to enjoy their straw bale garden. This book teaches you everything you need to get started and to be able to maintain your straw bale garden. Written by joel karsten, the originator of straw bale gardening, this exciting update contains detailed, starttofinish.

Here i will describe the results of my attempts at gardening on straw bales. An introduction to straw bale gardening stepbystep instructions for starting and maintaining your own straw bale garden tips for selecting plants and for harvesting your crops answers to common questions about straw bale gardening if you are ready to give this simple but effective gardening method. Use one or umpteen bales as you need and in any pattern. In this first chapter, youll learn about the benefits of a straw bale garden and what youll need to create your own. Beginners guide to straw bale gardening safer brand. Consider the pros and cons to determine if straw bale gardening is right for you. Joel karsten, author of straw bale gardens, straw bale solutions, and straw bale gardens complete, developed the straw bale gardening method more than 10 years ago.

Joel is an author and garden expert, and is seen as a pioneer of this innovative gardening method. Straw bale gardening is simply a different type of container gardening. The best straw bales for a garden are wheat, oats, rye or barley straw. A beginners guide to straw bale gardening raleigh news. An indepth guide to straw bale gardening for beginners.

Straw bale gardening gets a lot of pressand for a good reason. So i called up joel karsten, author of straw bale gardens, and lead authority on all things straw. Recently i decided to try the technique called straw bale gardening, after an online chat with the author, joel karsten, who wrote the book, straw bale gardens. It is important to never introduce existing garden soil into the new straw bale garden, because many potential issues may ride along. How to condition and plant a bale of straw for gardening. And as the insides of the bales decompose, they provide a rich medium for vegetable growth. There are thousands of happy gardeners around the world today because of the unusual straw bale gardening method joel invented.

There are quite a lot that works well, but a few to avoid, and some to leave for when you are more experienced with straw bale gardening. Straw bale gardens complete contains all of the original information that has set the gardening world on fire. You can toss the dice like i did and purchase straw bales from your local garden center, but its best to source them direct from the farm. I would urge you to buy joel karstens other book strawbale gardens complete.

Last years garden soil lying just below the bales may very well be harboring disease or insect issues, and certainly contains thousands of weed seeds in every cubic foot. Joel karsten on the six bale greenhouse urban farm. When it comes to thrifty, versatile ways to garden, its hard to beat gardening using a bale of straw. He says straw bale gardening can be done practically anywhere, even in small spaces, as long as the bales are stable. This is the first time we have ever done a straw bale garden and we are letting you know how it goes. The hidden dangers of straw bale gardening the grow. Whatever you call it, its a great way to grow herbs and vegetables. I have a large raised garden that was overcome by bermuda over the last year, beginning. Joels experiment led to a book and a website, straw bale gardens and he has an impressive speaking schedule explaining his easy, fun and productive gardening method. In this article, youll find the whys, hows and wherefores. You can purchase this book from the mother earth news store.

Straw bale gardens have taken off over the last decade or so. Straw bale gardening grow more food, in less space, with. Beginners guide to straw bale gardening gardening with straw bales is the answer to any organic gardeners prayers. Become a free member and start listing your straw bale classified ads within minutes. Joels pamphlet on straw bale gardening instructions turned into a selfpublished book. Its been a great experiment and ive thoroughly enjoyed the process. I would like to pick up but delivery might be feasible.

Joel karsten joins us today to share his new book straw bale gardening isbn. Now there are more than 50 facebook groups, in different languages, focused on straw bale gardening. We are in the process of building a new home for our family, and im dreaming of a garden at our new place. Straw bale gardening, is a most informative and detailed book for the avid vegetable gardener. Think beyond its reputation as a halloween decoration and picture it as a productive part of your garden. If you are keen to start your own straw bale garden, you will want to know which vegetables work best with this unique gardening technique. Karstens new book, straw bale gardens cool springs press and to spend a day at his home just north of st. Storey publishing liked the way epic tomatoes came out, and they said theyd really like to have a book in their portfolio about strawbale gardening, and i said, great. Gardeners who only do straw bale gardening will then have a pile of old straw to get rid of. This new edition of straw bale gardens complete is the only book you need to get started with the revolutionary gardening method that has taken the world by. If youre looking for an easier way to garden, you need to learn about the ruth stout gardening method. The new york times called straw bale gardening a revolutionary gardening method and his ideas have been enthusiastically. This is mostly because experts make such a big deal about doing it right.

Creating a straw bale garden flea market gardening. The hidden dangers of straw bale gardening the grow network. How to get started with straw bale gardening empress of dirt. Straw bale gardens, by joel karsten, is a stepbystep guide offering all the information you need to make your own straw bale garden today. They are also great for seniors who still want to garden but have a hard time.

The straw bale gardens method, was pioneered by karsten over twenty years ago, and continues to grow in popularity all around the world. Straw bale gardening is the solution for people who desperately wants a small vegetable, herb or flower garden but has little space to do so. Take your straw bale gardening to the next levelin mor. It seems almost unbelievable, but i promise you it gets results.

Joel, a farm boy who grew up tending a soil garden, shook up the gardening world with his first book describing his breakthrough straw bale gardening concept. This is based on a book by joel karsten along with improvements i hope to make. Dont buy this book its contains details of how strawbale gardening works in different environments, but no instructions whatsoever. Looking for an engaging speaker with something new to say. Ive seen some really pretty and clever methods of straw bale gardening. The addition of supports is a smart idea for climbing plants and anything like tomatoes that tends to get topheavy. The technique allows you to put a substantial but temporary garden almost anywhere, even if your yards sunniest spot happens to be the middle of your driveway.

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