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There have been 471,447 cards generated since april 19, 2011. The old stack of cards that is sitting in the draw is an embarrassment. Schmitz, kb0yki qsl cards are used by amateur radio operators and shortwave listeners to exchange information about a radio contact that has taken place. Qsl maker scroll down for dial maker here is a zipped file with all the files required to run johns fb qsl maker program. Various leading antiviruses have been used to test qsl maker, if it contains any viruses. It is mainly designed for the contester and qsl manager with high qsl quantities but useful for all other qsling purposes as well. Create a folder on your computer named qslmaker and copy the zipped file qslmaker. I use qsl maker to make my qsl cards, and i like it very much. Sample qsl here is an example of how you can customize your online qsl card wa5ywt john q. If you would like to see cards made, check out my webshack site the qsl cards were made using above method. When you print the qsl, commcat fills the report block with information from your log.

Above at left, the recto of a twoside qsl displaying the mandatory call sign. Qsl maker freeware windows qsl card printer software. Terutama alasan biaya dan kecepatan qsl card sampai ditangan. How to make qsl card by yourself using wb8rcr qsl maker. If you decide for use adif2qsl software as qsl printing utility in logger32, it is very useful to add adif2qsl to logger32 utilities menu toolsutility program setup. If you email or snail mailpostal you can open your saved card in paint.

Qsl maker installation package is prepared to be downloaded from our fast download servers. Notice that you also have full control of the placement of text and graphics. They have your old call that you now have to cross out and replace with a handwritten mess and they have a generic black and white cachet that looks like it was hijacked from an original 1954 card it probably was. This is a free qsl card template for the world of amateur radio. Do not forget to write on the qsl card the right callsign. Each sheet of 4 cards has been micro perforated to separate easily and cleanly.

The size of the latest installation package available is 2. Commcat puts your information call, name, address, etc. Possibly the first reference is a card sent in 1916 from 8vx in buffalo, new york to 3tq in philadelphia in the usa. Qsldesignandprint is a windows program for designing and printing. When you are sending your letters to the qsl manager do not write other names or other countries, write only the correct managers address. Even though there are many other tools that can be used for creating and printing the qsl cards, this qsl design and print software gives you additional. Bill corsham, 2uv, operating from harlesden, england first used a qsl card in 1922. This batch of my completely redesigned qsl card is again of great printing quality. E selfaddressed envelope, or sticky label with your address.

From bobs pages i took a few of gils pictures, cleaned them up, and made this card. My very first qsl card was from a 2 meter simplex contact. The cards can be used to show where, when, and how a contact took place. It reads your log program output file and produces output to a postscript file. The new qsl card for use by cdxc members is shown right with the original card below. Heres just a few examples of the qsl cards we have printed. Qsl card maker software free download qsl card maker. Modern photo qsl card designs and printing premium quality at competitive prices. Wf5e outgoing qsl service private qsl bureau much quicker than conventional bureaus.

Discussion in ham radio discussions started by ka6kbc, may 4, 2009. This qsl card uses phil gildersleeves art on the front and back. The s letter disappears making it clearly visible that the qsl is complete and sent. Amateurs who work us and would like a w1aw qsl card should send their card directly to us and please include an sase selfaddressedstampedenvelope. Take a look at itus table of allocation of intl call sign series. Within a logger program n7xg, dxlabs, logeqf, hrd, etc. This link is listed in our web site directory since sunday mar 29 2009, and till today hamqsler has been followed for a total of 8088 times. Surfing the web one day, i found bob w8jyzs wonderful web site which represents an incredible amount of work. Qsl card design as suggested by bob locher, w9kni, in his book the complete dxer, it is advantageous to have your callsign on the same side of your qsl card as the qso information. Color or bw printer capable of printing to the edge of the paper and printing on card stock. Data from all popular logging programs could be imported. This special software selection has the specific purpose of allowing you to design your own qsl card, within certain limits, but with a continually expanding capability as we continue to grow. Receive qsl navigate to the record for the qsl card received. This tool will let you create you own qsl cards importing pictures and customizing colors and other.

The cards can be accumulated and used to verify the results of a contest. Hamm 1234 main street dallas, tx 75231 usa hw101 180w on hf motorola 41v on 2m 3el homebrew quad ringo ranger on 2m to. Each one is virtually identical with the exception the first example has a clearly defined border and the. Instead of listing all data to mention on a qsl card, begin to click on the image displayed below to get an idea of the kind of information listed on a qsl. The cards will be created in the form of a pdf document that you can then print on lightweight card stock. It is easy, light, and you can import your qso to automatically print your qsl cards. If its not quite what youd like, click the customize it button and change it to suit your needs. Df3cb bv qsl management and printing df3cb site, contesting, and software bv is a professional freeware software for the qsl management and labelqsl printing under windows developed and distributed by bernd koch, df3cb, since 1989. The first batch is already on its way to hams around the world via the bureau so a lot of hams could confirm the great quality when the get my qsl card. It is checked for possible viruses and is proven to be 100% clean and safe. There are many great artists out there, but his style really appeals to me.

Hertfordshire display plc 51 high street ware herts sg12 9ba tel. If you have a ham radio oriented business, take a look at our advertising opportunities. This nice software, developed by wb8rcr let you design and print your own qsl cards, allowing to personalize background, by importing pictures or just filling with a plain colour, and let you personalize headings and address as well as your own callsign. Printing on address labels as well as direct printing on envelopes is supported too. Star media center is a fast and smart tool that enables you to do pretty much everything with your audiovideo. If you are wanting more freedom to make the card you want,you can check out my homebrew qsl card page. Many logging programs now have direct electronic interfaces to transmit qso details in realtime into the database. Awards qsl cards serve as proof of a twoway contact needed for certain awards. Next if you always save qsl file with the same name only two mouse clicks are required to print qsl labels adif2qsl remember last used options and file names. Load in the background image file, position your text fields, and youre all set to go. Besides direct printing on qsl cards, all kind of labels are supported. Additionally, my volume of qsling, particularly multiple contacts with the same station on multiple bands and modes, necessitated rethinking the whole process.

Im not a radio operator, and may not have gotten all this right, so let me know if i need to correct anything. Either of these cards, personalised with the members name, callsign and address, can be obtained directly from. Tradition exchanging qsl cards has been a long tradition in ham radio and it is fun to get cards from other contacted hams. Card creator the creator radio amateur ham radio operator printed logos band cards a logo. General design specifications for qsl cards qsl cards used in the united states are generally 5.

Courtesy sending a qsl card is the final handshake of a contact. International stations may qsl directly to w1aw with one irc or via the w1 incoming qsl bureau. Are you trying to figure out what country a particular callsign is from. When sending your letters to a qsl manager always use a s. By doing so, the qsl manager doesnt have to flip back and forth from one side of your qsl to the other as heshe verifies qso information.

Be sure to look at the qsl backs and choose the style of card for the back of your qsl card. Other sizes can be used but, there are many hams that use plastic holders which will only accept a card at this size. How to design your own qsl cards qsl cards, eyeball qsl. Terac tektronix employees radio amateur club was one of the many clubs formed by tektronix employees. If you wish the contact data to be on the back of the card, you can run the card through twice, or print labels. All software that you can find here is freely downloadable and legal. About hamqsler the resource is currently listed in in a single category. More qsl card samples in this example you see that you can use any of the standard windows fonts including the ham fonts that are included with the software. Globalqsl cards printing 100 qsl order 100 full color both side qsl cards autofilled with your qsos details including distribution to recipient stations. This is a generic template that you can use to create your own qsl cards. Shop online for amateur radio books and other items.

Our antivirus analysis shows that this download is virus free. Qsl cards for w1aw and w1aw special event stations currently being processed. This free program is an intellectual property of sv2agw. Qsl card processing status american radio relay league. Rcklog for windows incorporates many advanced features that create the ultimate contesting tool for novice and expert alike. Qsl manager search when you choose this option a qsl manager window appears, in the lower left corner is a box with a find. Baofeng uv5r programming with chirp software or keypad. Membuat eqsl card special call secepat kedipan mata. The main category is qsl printing, labels, collectors that is about qsl software. There are very many old qsl cards that can be seen and often bought. Homemade qsl cards made easy happy new year 73, ray wx4pbc. Stand alone qsl proqram qsl maker, adif2qsl, qsl wizard, etc.

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