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Treeline looks all over the world to find some of the finest and most unique walking stick and cane materials and accessories. A complete introduction to stickmaking, explaining how to make a wide range of. These reflect the diversity of knob handles, round handles, nosein and noseout handles, cardigan sticks, thumb sticks and carvedhead sticks. Antique deer antler handle engraved collar walking. End cap, spacers, walking stick top, priest end and saddle pommel. Dec 28, 2012 antler walking stick posted in homemade walking sticks. Walking stick cane sword folded damascus steel blade hiking lock mechanism trekking jian. Oct 21, 2012 making walking sticks you might have thought that last weeks slow adventure post would have exhausted walking sticks as a subject to the casual reader. Sort of books, and i was the story consultant on the imax documentary on. Look through our vast selection of horn canes and antler walking stick and find just what you are looking for. Fancy eagle wooden walking cane elegant designer walking stick for women and men handmade original fashionable cane 35 inches. Walking stick demonstration cane making using horn, antler and. Collecting antique walking sticks and canes, antiques. Posted in country working and walking sticks tagged antler thumb stick, birch, bone spacer, buffalo horn, chestnut shanks, country sticks for sale, finished sticks, hazel shanks, hazel thumb sticks, rams horn sticks for sale, red deer antler, shepherds crooks for sale, stick making, thumb sticks for sale, walking sticks for sale antler shooting.

To fix a handle onto a stick as in a piece of antler to a holly shaft, you need to be able to drill a hole into both pieces each of which is dead straight and to fit a piece of threaded bolt with the head cut off. The simplest stick in many respects is a one piece stick that has the shank and handle all cut from the same branch. This can be redone once a season to keep the stick in tiptop condition. How to craft canes and staffs from rustic to fancy, by charles self, provides a panoramic view of the world of walking sticks and how to create them. See more ideas about wood carving, carving and wood carving patterns.

Stickmaking supplies online mull stickmaker horn and. They were much more a fashion accessory than walking aide. Antler craft pieces pack of assorted small sections for making small collars, cutting up for caps, making buttons, beads, key rings, pendants or anything else you can think of. Main index shanks stick press, screw joints, wrist straps, wood oil, epoxy, compasses, leather lace etc. Deer antler walking stick for sale in uk view 53 ads. Weve assembled a fantastic array of collectable knives from around the world. If youre just looking for an antler handle to addon to a cane you already have, youll find those available as well. Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and oneofakind products and gifts related to your search. Bills sticks stickmaking,stickmaker,handcarved,walking. Drill into both the antler and the stick to take the rod, put plenty of epoxy araldite glue will do in the holes, and push the whole assembly together. Andrew specialises in making horn crooks and cardigan walking sticks. Soothsayers cane in centuries past, wellheeled gentlemen, and ladies too, were seldom seen without a walking stick in hand. Handle and carving blanks pre shaped in hardwood, glass eyes, epoxy, studding, starter kits etc. Also, dont forget to check out our great rustic hiking sticks and walking canes, featuring estes parks very own premier wood hiking stick manufacturer.

The antler top was capped with buffalo horn as requested by my customer making this a really special gift for her man. Was able to communicate by email with the author with followup questions and he was very helpful. This nice man explains how to make a walking stick from the beginning of a branch then adds style, decorations and accessories to make them all unique. No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options.

Topics covered include materials, equipment and tools required to make a variety of sticks from timber, antler and horn. Clean off surplus glue when dry, using a sharp knife. Unique hand carved wooden walking stick canes for men nymph fancy wood cane. Traditional stickmaking by charlie walker, 9781785001109. Try to get antler that is nice and round, as it makes fitting to the shank much easier. In this category we carry a wide variety of handmade walking canes and walking staffs that range from artistic experiments to special requests. Get started making your own walking stick or cane from one of our many walking stick blanks. Walking sticks and crooks for sale,stickmaking supplies, handmade by local stickmaker tobermory, isle of mull antlers there is an increase in the price of antler items due to the demand in the usa and now the uk for antler dog chews or eco stag bars. Synopsis an introduction to the art and craft of making traditional walking sticks, market sticks and crooks, this text comprises 22 projects. There is an increase in the price of antler items due to the demand in the usa and. We cannot give refunds for any returned books for obvious reasons. Finally it had several coats of linseed oil to the shank and wax to the antler giving the stick a waterproofing. Antler walking stick homemade walking sticks walking.

The antler we use is mostly scottish red deer, but any antler will make a good stick handle. Some antler is quite smooth to the touch, some is very rough. Please note most items are send by courier and will take 3 4 days to arrive. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Antler coronet stick on hazel antler coronet stick on a hazel shank with a natural wax finish, fitted or supplied with brass ultra ferrule. Each type of walking stick has its own unique qualities from how easy it will be to wood carve to how strong it may be. Make offer cane victorian style knob handle roses pansies faux ivory walking stick cosplay american beechwood shillelagh big man cane walking stick. Walking sticks and crooks for sale,stickmaking supplies, handmade by local. Hickory walking stick with hand carved mountain man face height up to 60 made in the usa. See more ideas about walking sticks, wood burning and stencils. Stag scotttish deer antler walking stick hunting handle.

Aug, 2015 walking stick making antler thumb stick demonstration series 3 youtube stay safe and healthy. Help with walking stick handle craft and diy section. Traditional curled top walking stick made in strong chestnut. Written by an awardwinning stickmaker, it provides a full account of this ageold craft. Most antler is oval in cross section, making it awkward to fit to sticks unless a spacer or collar is used or you use ovaltopped sticks. Strong 3mm paracord, ideal for making lanyards for walking sticks, wading sticks, priests etc. We sell materials for walking stick making,ferrules,horns,collars,etc. Scottish stickmakers of dunkeld antler and horn walking. Or, for more options, browse our hornhandle hiking sticks for an alternative to a cane. Attaching antler to walking stick the stalking directory. The book goes on to describe various forms and styles of sticks. Sold elk antler coronet with a top end cap of mulga set onto granny smith apple shank 36 ins long sold. Top these sticks with one of our several brass cane handles for a decorative embellishment.

Clive george has had a lifelong interest in stickmaking and a move to a small holding in wales led to a fortuitous meeting and eventual collaboration in this book. Our artisans occasionally make collectible canes and walking sticks. Carve beautiful wildlife walking sticks with stepbystep projects, readytouse patterns, an inspirational color photo gallery, and advice on wood sourcing and finishing. Free uk delivery on book orders dispatched by amazon over. Buy making walking sticks for a hobby by dawson, david isbn. A superb deer antler walking stick, with a lovely mahogany end cap. Antler t handle buffalo end caps on blackthorn shank ds w 149 river red gum handle, the end cap is black ebony, the shank is of almond, a very strong walking stick 38 ins in length. Also includes a gallery of a variety of numerous carved canes.

Stick making is a wonderful book that deserves a place on your shelf if you have any interest at all in walking sticks, even if your interest is only in a fine stick as an important part of a gentlemans attire. The bark has been removed and the wood stained a rich dark brown. Mar 22, 2015 carve a spirit bird house, step by step how to carve a wood spirit bird house, aka nest box, dremel duration. Our unfinished sticks are great for woodcarving, cane making, or even just to make a oneofakind walking stick.

Tom kavanagh is a native of clonsast, co offaly, ireland, and it is from the natural environment of the irish midlands that he draws his inspiration and collects the materials for his remarkable walking sticks. Ive done some nice walking sticks using holly, bark on. Deer antler canes and walking sticks for sale here you will find a large choice of deer antler canes for sale, as well as other accessories to use in crafting your own. Begin with a veeshaped thumbstick, or dip in anywhereyoull find simple, onepiece walking sticks, four cardigan sticks, wooden crocks and market sticks, rams horn and antler sticks, buffalo and rams horn crooks, carved sticks in wood and horn, and a medley of fancier models. He began voraciously studying books and videos about stick making. The right wood for walking sticks woodcarving illustrated. Making a carved antler walking stick handle topper series 9. Andrew specializes in making horn crooks and cardigan walking sticks. Hi there here we have a vgc genuine red deer antler this is in good condition. Although some people do varnish horn and antler i personally think this is unnecessary. Horn, bone, hoof and antler for handles, scales, spacers. More than hornhandle walking canes and antler walking sticks. There are numerous ways to make a stick depending on whether you are using wood, horn or antler. If you have an oval antler you can always put a horn or wood spacer between the handle and the shank, this will help you to achieve a far better joint.

There are many pictures of finished sticks like plain crooks, walking sticks of all types. Feb 16, 2017 walking stick making antler thumb stick demonstration series 3 duration. Stickmaking handbook is a fantastic introduction to the wonderful. As the story unfolds we discover that her withered leg is due to having been ill as a child with polio and she now hates confined spaces because she spent so much time in an when people hear the name winston graham they immediately think poldark. Ron speirs, the founder of scottish stickmakers of dunkeld made his first stick over 30 years ago. Making a carved antler walking stick handle topper. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Antique walking stick from an antique dealer in please note these are cap or lapel badgesbut stick makers use them to embellish walking st. Unlike today, canes of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, often boasting handles of precious metals and jewels, served as symbols of wealth, power and social stature. Stickmaking a complete course by andrew jones and clive george book. While visiting a game fair in england in 2002 tom first saw stick makers in action.

Please note that each item in this section are limited editions. A master reveals the tricks of the stickmaking trade. For more on carving walking sticks, see hand carving your own walking stick by david stehly. Antler d a wonderful golden antler thumb stick with lovely golden tones in the antler and shank, one tine pointy bit is capped. Norse king elk antler carving inlaid into a walking stick.

These materials are still available but tend to be expensive and used for more decorative walking sticks and canes. Ultimately the handle becomes the crowning glory of the stick and the stick becomes an important part of its owners life. Most of our walking stick blanks have been air dried diamond willow and the twisted sticks may be a little green and ready for use. Oct 27, 2016 soothsayers cane in centuries past, wellheeled gentlemen, and ladies too, were seldom seen without a walking stick in hand. Walking sticks and canes walking sticks and cane blanks. Carve a spirit bird house, step by step how to carve a wood spirit bird house, aka nest box, dremel duration. Walking sticks and canes cane and walking stick accessories. But im not so sure, especially as quite a few people got back to me about sticks. A fascinating, colorful photo gallery of famous canes and walking sticks by noted artists and wood turners from the collection of albert lecoff, founder of. An introduction to the art and craft of making traditional walking sticks, market sticks and crooks, this text comprises 22 projects. The book is well written, clear and concise, taking the reader through step by step instructions with advice on equipment required, materials and methods for making various stick designs and handles from the relatively straightforward knob stick to the more complicated crooks and carved handles using wood, horn and antler and all. Holly wont lose its bark if you season it nice and slowly for a couple of years.

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